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April 2023

A Narrative

for Ensemble of 11 instruments

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Re-Embodied is an illness narrative in seven episodes for instrumental ensemble, played continuously. To be ill is to be dys-embodied - to be made well again, re-embodied - in some situations, literally.
Episode 1: a young child and mother are at play
Episode 2: the child becomes suddenly unwell – her mother is distressed, taking her from doctor to hospital- no one seems quite sure what is wrong, but the kidneys have failed, leading to coma.
Episode 3: the illness is life-threatening but the crisis passes and the child recovers.
The mothers relief is intense – expressed as a hymn of thanksgiving.
Episode 4: the child grows into young adulthood. She thrives and engages in life, but then her health gradually declines. The kidney damage in childhood has caused a gradual decline in function – and she becomes increasingly dys-embodied as her vitality drains away
Episode 5: the mother expresses her sorrow at her child’s plight. She wants to help – give her part of her body if needed
Episode 6: preparations are entrained. The mother gives her daughter the life restoring gift.
Episode 7: the daughter is re-embodied – her health restored. On the surface normal life resumes, but is it normal?

The image is of a late sculpture by Auguste Rodin - Body Fragment

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