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Crossing XIX


for Clarinet and Piano

Crossing XIX

YOU CAME TO me in the wayward hours of spring with flute songs and flowers.

You troubled my heart from ripples into waves, rocking the red lotus of love.

You asked me to come out with you into the secret of life.

But I fell asleep among the murmurous leaves of May.

When I woke the cloud gathered in the sky and the dead leaves flitted in the wind.

Through the patter of rain I hear your nearing footsteps and the cry to come out with you into the secret of death.

I walk to your side and put my hand into yours, while your eyes burn and water drips from your hair.

Crossing is a meditation on poem XIX in the sequence of that name by Rabindranath Tagore, for Clarinet and Piano. The text of the poem is placed within the score which is loosely divided into in four sections, each flanked by short introductions or 'bridging' sections that are inspired by the image of a bridge.

To listen - head to Audio Files (SoundCloud)

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